About E-CARS Auto Sales

Since 2017, has provided Cyprus with a wide range of cars purchased and imported by order from Europe. is a smart and at the same time simple to use platform, which is constantly evolving, functionally and harmoniously connects all parts of our company and offers a unique experience in serving every customer, wherever he is, at any time.

Every car has information about everything related to model, mechanical and electronic parts, components, colour, year of manufacture, fuel, performance, and always at competitive prices. All car prices include all expenses until they are registered in Cyprus, so you do not have to worry about arranging them.

Despite our state-of-the-art website and showroom, in one area we remain incurably conservative: in the way, we approach each customer! As specialized car care professionals, knowing all the new trends, new equipment, and hot car models, we still consider each of our customers as unique as they are, with special needs and requirements and we do everything to serve and inform them.

We guide you every step of the way, providing personalized advice, thus ensuring that you will quickly and safely receive a reliable and completely professional service, for the smoother purchase and delivery of your car, which will take place in our specially designed space. Our evolution does not stop here. In order to offer a complete experience of comfort, safety and convenience for car maintenance, we provide After Sales services at our E-Cars Care Center.

Car Maintenance By After-Sales E-CARS Care Center

With the purchase of a car from the online fleet of a relationship of trust and security begins. Not only thanks to the unique guarantee of E-Cars Cyprus Auto Sales Ltd, which accompanies every vehicle, but also the care offered by our Center. Every repair or maintenance is done by qualified personnel and is completed according to the excellent quality standards of E-Cars Cyprus Auto Sales Ltd.

The well-trained technical staff together with the most advanced technological diagnostic tools, ensure that the maintenance of your car is done according to the manufacturer's standards, maintaining the high resale value of the car and at the same time protecting your investment! All work is performed by our experienced and well-trained staff, with full transparency and reliability.


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